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Call of Duty: United Offensive is an expansion to the first title in the series, Call of Duty. This was released on September 14, 2004. The title is developed by Gray Matter Interactive, along with contributions from Pi Studios; and distributed by Activision for Microsoft Windows, and by Aspyr Media for Mac OS X. The video game is set in battles such as: the Battle of the Bulge, in Belgium; the Battle of Kursk, in Russia; and Operation Husky, in Sicily, Italy. In it, 3 soldiers from the Allied powers of World War II are again personified: the United States (as Corporal Scott Riley); the United Kingdom (as Sergeant James Doyle); and the Soviet Union (as Private Yuri Petrenko).

The first titles of this saga of first-person shooter video games, ranging from the original Call of Duty to Call of Duty 3, are set in World War II and based on historical events, some of them well known, such as the Normandy landings or the defense of Russian territory by the Red Army, recreating the most important battles, taking the player through a series of scenarios in Europe and North Africa, and always in the role of an English, American or Soviet soldier; and on lesser occasions, French or Canadian.

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@ManoloV96 @JezCorden Deshacerse de la suscripción mensual podría ser una idea interesante pero añadirla al game pass de PC es algo que definitivamente considerarán. De hecho, Starcraft y los demás títulos de Warcraft también serán considerados.

No importa la tontería de la guerra de consolas. Lo que más espero es que vuelva una Blizzard limpia y sorprendente, y que las franquicias Warcraft y Diablo recuperen la gloria en GamePass el primer día.

Tengo que decir que el tiempo transcurrido entre las acusaciones de agresión sexual de Blizzard y la compra por parte de Microsoft es el tiempo más corto entre dos casos de fans de World of Warcraft que fingen que van a dejar de jugar.

Ya me lo imagino, de hecho, Microsoft ha estado haciendo un trabajo absoluto con los juegos de Age of Empires. Tal vez, sólo tal vez, podríamos ver un Warcraft 4 en el horizonte en los próximos años

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@Xbox @ATVI_AB Joder, qué jugada… todas las IPs que posee MS ahora. #Doom, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, #Diablo, Warcraft/Starcraft, Call of Duty, es algo que nos deja atónitos. ¡Microsoft es oficialmente el Disney de los juegos ahora!

Call of duty 3

You also show that there is interest in those games, as there are a lot of people who pay before the game is released. If the guy is going with 7 million bucks in his pockets, it’s not unreasonable for him to get additional funding from more traditional producers, and at the same time have some more independence.

I think they use our “frikismo” to get a game out… let’s be realistic, without doubting that a new game like this will be a blast, and will be one of the ones I have forever on my computer, it can’t be done that way. I give an example and beforehand I say this is my personal opinion:

I agree with you maulet at the moment, we can not sell q is a frude (nor I think q said it or insinuated at some point) as we can not sell q will be the relic only for a video and some drawings.

I didn’t say it was still a fraud, I just said I didn’t share the kickstarter idea. in my opinion the kickstarter is a pseudonym of “I take advantage of the people who are excited to see something come out, to make it a little easier financially”.

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